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Kennedy Daniels is young, beautiful and successful. But she’s like a lot of women who have been hurt in love. She is guarded, angry, and dead set on not repeating the same mistakes again. But if the way she treats men is the way she intends to continue through life, she won’t have to worry about attracting a man to have a relationship with at all. Her sharp tongue and her trigger-happy attitude is a turn off, and not something she expected to ever be confronted about . . . until she meets Javier.

Javier is a man’s man who is very much a straight shooter. He’s not here for the games or the bullshit. When he ends up calling Kennedy out on her behavior, sparks fly, but not in a good way, and what was supposed to be a blind date set up by good friends, ends in a bitter battle of words. They part ways, but the sting of Javier’s words remain, forcing Kennedy to take a long hard look at herself.

But when Kennedy decides that she needs to get away and reconnect, their paths cross again, and like before sparks will fly . . . but in what direction?

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